About Matexi

O Matexi Matexi Group is the leading residential property developer holding in Belgium. The company, which operates as a family business, has earned an impressive 70-year experience in the European real estate development market and holds a portfolio of over 30 thousand completed projects, with a turnover exceeding EUR 300 million in 2015. The personnel of Matexi Group is made up of 350 full-time employees, with 2,5 more in close cooperation with the company. Matexi conducts business with full recognition of social responsibility, creating new work opportunities, and designing housing solutions which are environment-friendly and durable, and which meet all needs of today's city dwellers. Vigorous and consistent growth of the Group's activities in the Polish market, achieved by following the same principles, constitutes one of the principal objectives of the Group.

Matexi Group is a private holding company operating since 1945 and active principally in three business sectors: property developing, construction, and investment business. Well-established ownership structure and sound financial condition, coupled with excellent qualifications of Matexi personnel, enable the company to achieve outstanding performance in all lines of business. The Group's strategy is firmly focused on long-term balanced business development.

Matexi Group engages in projects whose objective is to create comfortable living space – places where daily life, work, and shopping activities turn into enjoyable experience. The company never ceases to invest in self-improvement and actively supports employees in their efforts to achieve ever more ambitious goals.

Corporate culture based on mutual trust and the fast growing portfolio of completed projects for over 70 years have been supporting Matexi Group's strong position in the real property market. They have earned our company the unchallenged role of the largest residential developer in Belgium.

Office Company

  • Matexi Polska Sp. z o.o.
    Al. Jana Pawła II 27
    00-867 Warszawa

    tel.: +48 22 653 92 92

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