Dpen days 29-30 August 2015

Matexi Poland serves Days open its investments in Bielany, over the weekend August 29-30, customers will be able for the first time to visit advanced construction projects "Staff 9" and "Księżycowa 60", as well as see the finished apartment in the building "Słodowiec Park".

On August 29-30, Matexi Poland offers open days in their Bielany investment. The end of summer will be conducive to a relaxed, picnic atmosphere of the game, and the opportunity to enter the building is an excellent opportunity to find your dream apartment and convinced of the quality and deliberate schedules housing offered by Matexi Poland. Customers for the first time be able to enter the construction projects nearing completion, "Moon 60" and "Staffa 9," in which the apartments will be ready in the coming months. For those looking for a great location and the Affordable Housing "stock" wait will be well prepared and have already put to use building "Słodowiec Park" Street. Duracza 6.

Open Days

"Staff 9" is a modern, two-winged building in the shape of the letter "L" designed by architects from the Pastewka and costume.          It will contain 106 apartments ranging in size from 30 to 104m2, as well as single-storey garage located 92 cars. The investment is being according to schedule and in line with the developer-s first residents will be able to move into the building in the first quarter of 2016.

"Księżycowa 60" is a building in the popular segment decorated in neutral style. The building structure fits well into space         neighboring buildings, they stand out, however, on the background of an interesting and characteristic distribution of modern loggia with white and yellow panels by color in the central part of the building. Matexi Poland realizes this place a modern, seven-story building housing 91 apartments with living areas from 32m2 to 66m2. The building will also include a one-level garage parking for 90 cars. The offer of investment available apartment in the MDM program.

"Słodowiec Park" is an elegant, designed by studio MAAS Project, eleven story building located at ul. Duracza 6. The building contains 93 comfortable apartments with areas ranging from 33m2 to 94m2. Most of them znalazłajuż their buyers, but sales is still the last pool of units 3 and 4-bedroom.

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